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I am a third generation coffee farmer, have also been working as a guide and driver for an agency for many years and know San Agustín like the back of my hand.


I met Frédéric while on a job and we got along well straight away. Together with another agency, we initiated our first groups into our coffee world until I finally founded Cofitur as my own company.


Frédéric gave me a lot of support in founding the company and represents us in Europe with his company Plurilateral Solutions.


I look forward to welcoming you to our family coffee farm soon!

Frederic Bertolone Reiseleiter Lateinamerika Kaffee-Reise


For several years I have been traveling in the fields of Colombian specialty coffees, initially as an "intern" in many different regions of Colombia, and later and from then on as an importer of fine coffees in Europe.

In tourism as well as in the coffee trade, I successfully pursue the goal of placing the producer in the foreground.

On our trip you will learn as a participant that it is possible to cultivate a high-quality product with a lot of dedication, discipline and foresight.


The field of tourism is no coincidence: Before I fully entered the coffee world, I was a tour guide for two years and the main responsible for a youth program at a big language school in Malta for two years.

Now the groups are smaller and we are happy to take you into our Cofitur family. As an active participant, I come with you on every trip!

Sustainable tourism is not a mass product and you will feel that on your journey.


I'm looking for meeting you soon.


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