Coffee cultivation

From seedling to export-ready product. Join us to discover who and what hides behind a cup of coffee.

This is all about understanding:

  • We experience in the coffee field how hard the work of the pickers is.
  • What happens to the picked cherries afterwards? 

Here, nothing remains unobserved and no question unanswered. 

After a week, you'll be a true expert in coffee cultivation. 


Together we will visit magical places full of energy and mystical statues.

San Agustin has become famous worldwide for its archaeological sites and is an Unesco World Heritage Site.

In the archaeological park, together with a guide, we discover the excavations and hike in the spectacular nature.

On tame horses we ride with a professional guide to other spectacular places with great atmosphere and beautiful views.


Life on the coffee farm.

We share a house in the middle of the coffee mountains.

Absolutely authentic and undisguised, we breath the clear air together for a week and listen to the sounds of nature.

Here we spend our evenings together and have breakfast together in the morning before our adventures start. 


Tropical fruits and local cuisine.

On the coffee farm alone, many other things are grown besides coffee.

How about picking the oranges for our breakfast juice ourselves?

Together we will harvest and cook: If you like peeling and slicing, you can give a hand and learn how to cook in Colombia.

Otherwise, just watch and enjoy.


What is chocolate actually made of?

Immerse yourself in the world of Colombia's tropical fruits. One of them is the cocoa fruit. During a visit to an ecological cocoa plantation you will taste different varieties and get to know the matter better.

Our concept of chocolate has changed a lot because of the collaboration with the cocoa farmers:

You will henceforth always associate chocolate with a smile to your journey with every bite and enjoy it more consciously.


Try the healthy sugar of Colombia!

Ecological and made from pure sugar cane, it is a more natural alternative to granulated sugar and not only tastes delicious in coffee.

Since we don't only support coffee farmers with Cofitur, we also decided to take a trip to a panela production, as this product plays a big role culturally and economically in many parts of Colombia.