Why Colombia?

Colombia is hard to beat in terms of complexity:  Palm trees in the Caribbean, hummingbirds in the Andes, whales in the Pacific, cacti in the desert.

There is hardly any place where biodiversity is higher than in what we consider the most beautiful country in the world. 

Shaped by the colonial era and the still noticeable influence of indigenous peoples, Colombia has a very interesting cultural mix that leaves hardly a soul untouched with its warmth and hospitality.

Our travel packages!

We love authenticity. 

For us, this means offering our guests an experience that stands out from a catalogue tour. 

So, tailored to meet all expectations and needs, we have put together different packages that best combine essential touch points and arouse the interest of all potential travelers, whether experienced or total novices.


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Did you know...

...that Colombia is one of the big players in food production in Latin America? 

Not only coffee grows here, but also avocados, bananas, pineapples, mangos and many other exotic fruits.

Largely unknown, however, are superfoods such as Sacha Inchi, Açai and Moringa, which we discovered in different climate zones.

Who we are?  

Over the last few years, we have built an incredibly exciting network of different personalities in Colombia, who all together make up our team. 

Coffee farmers, local guides, experts in cacao, sugar cane, vegetable and fruit production and of course our amazing guests. Partners became friends and today we see ourselves as one big family in which we are happy to welcome you.


Are you interested?

Find out who and what is behind a cup of coffee, get to know Colombia from its best side, connect with the locals and let yourself be infected by the hospitality of the Colombians. 

Feel free to drop us a line anytime and we'll plan the best trip of your life together!


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