Our Coffee Tours

Join us on our organized one-week origin trip to one of the most exciting coffee origins.

Coffee growing

From seedlings to a ready-to-export product.

Discover who and what is behind a cup of coffee.

It's all about the understanding of the coffee world:

  • We find out how hard the picker's work is on the coffee fields.
  • What happens to the picked cherries afterwards?

No step remains unobserved and no question remains open.

After one week you are a true expert in coffee growing.


Together we visit magic places full of energy and mystical statues.

San Agustin has become known worldwide due to its archaeological sites and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage.


In the archaeological park we discover the excavations together with a guide and hike in the spectacular nature.


Enjoy great atmospheres and beautiful views on a ride on tame horses to more stunning locations, always with professional accompaniment.


Life on the coffee farm

We share a house in the middle of the coffee mountains.

Absolutely authentic and undisguised, we breathe fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature for a week.

Here we spend our evenings and have breakfast together in the morning before our daily adventures start.


Tropical fruits and local cuisine.

In addition to coffee, many other things are grown on the coffee farm.

How about we pick the oranges for our breakfast juice ourselves?

We harvest and cook together: If you like peeling and slicing, you can help out and learn how to cook in Colombia.

Otherwise just watch and enjoy.


What is chocolate actually made of?

Dive into the world of Colombia's tropical fruits. One of them is cocoa. Visiting an ecological cocoa plantation, you will try different varieties and get to know the matter better.

Our concept of chocolate has changed a lot due to the collaboration with the cocoa farmers:

From now on you will associate chocolate to the memories made on your trip and smile with every bite. And for sure you will enjoy it more consciously.


Try Colombia's healthy sugar!

Ecologic and made from pure sugar cane, it is a more natural alternative to refined sugar and does not only taste delicious in coffee.

Since Cofitur does not only support coffee farmers, we also decided to go to a Panela production, because this product plays a major role in many parts of Colombia, both culturally and economically.

Itinerary of the trip

Day 1 Arrival Bogota
Day 2 Domestic flight to Pitalito
Day 3 Coffee farm 1 (picking)
Day 4

Coffee farm 2 (processing)

Day 5

Visit of other coffee farms

Day 6 Cocoa farm and visit of Panela production
Day 7 Coffee cup tasting 
Day 8 Archeologic excavations and sight seeing 
Day 7 Domestic flight to Bogota
Day 8 Departure from Bogota to your country

What's included?

  • Transport in our own comfortable, modern SUV with an experienced driver

  • Accommodation on a typical coffee farm (finca) and a good class hotel
  • Full board with typical cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Local travel insurance for the entire duration of the trip

The intercontinental flight from your country to Bogota and the domestic flight to Pitalito is not included and must be organized separately.

Of course we will help you with that. 


from 1.700 € / 1970 USD per person 

There are no additional costs during the stay.

Tour dates

Date places available registration deadline  
19 to 28 November 2021 Yes  05 November 2021 Get more info here
03 to 11 January 2022 Yes 15 December 2021 Ask for your offer now

If you are 2 or more persons we can almost always offer you a tour on a different date. Just let us know on time.

Frequently asked questions

How many coffee farms will we visit?

The very special thing about our tour is that we are not only on one coffee farm, but visit several producers. Every farm grows coffee differently. In total you will get to know three different fincas.

What exactly do we learn about coffee?

We start with a general tour of the coffee farm, where we also spend our evenings and nights. The workshop for picking and processing takes place here. We get to know different preparations and the further path of coffee.

What do we eat?


All food and drinks are included in order to the trip for you as stress-free as possible. 

Whether for lunch, dinner or an afternoon visit to the café - you leave your wallet in your pocket.

Do you eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free?


Don't worry about that. We can do that too.

Do we do cuppings?


At one or the other stop on our tour you get the opportunity to try coffee professionally and analyze the quality.

You've never done that before? No problem, we will teach you very quickly!

Do we also roast coffee?

Sure - not the modern way, but the way coffee was roasted in Colombia in the past: wood-fired!

Here you need to get to action. The coffee has to be peeled and then roasted with constant movement.

Do we see anything other than coffee?


We specifically chose a very interesting and quiet region of Colombia with the idea to include other aspects of local offerings in addition to the main topic: coffee.

We see cocoa, sugar cane and fruit plantations and make trips to spectacular waterfalls and the archaeological park, first on foot and later on horseback!

Who is the trip designed for?


For everyone who likes to travel and experience something new.

Whether you are in the coffee business or just curious, we will teach you things you won't learn in your normal environment.

How do we move aroung?


Security, comfort and independence are very important to us.

We are on the road all week with a very well-equipped, modern SUV.

Where are we accommodated?


Very typical and authentic on a real coffee farm.

Here we can rest and come down after a long and exciting day. There is no hot water in the shower, but there is WiFi and beer in the evening around the campfire.

How safe is our travel area?

Frédéric has been in Colombia for several years now and is almost like a local. San Augustin and its surroundings are very safe and there is no need to worry. You can always feel safe and we will never leave you alone anywhere.

Do I need an insurance?


You should take out travel insurance as you would before every trip abroad.

International travel insurance and travel cancellation insurance are often included with credit cards. Otherwise we would be happy to advise you.

We are locally insured by the tour operator upon arrival in San Augustin.

How is the assistance in Colombia?

Frédéric takes care of smaller groups and if we're more than five people Vera joins, too. Both speak perfect Spanish and are very experienced with guiding groups. You'll never be on your own.

What language is spoken in Colombia?

Spanish is spoken here.

I you don't speak Spanish, you can talk to the locals with your hands and feet - or we can translate for you. We have a lot of fun normally and you don't need to be afraid of asking questions.

What if I need to see a doctor?


There are doctors and hospitals in San Augustin an Pitalito. They are not far in case something happens. Nevertheless it would be the best, if you shouldn't need constant medical care.